Protect your Cidron readers against vandalization with new accessory

The Cidron reader vandalization protection is a new accessory that shields the access card reader and helps it withstand violence by absorbing and redirecting external forces. “It is easily retrofitted to already installed readers,” says Jonas Elvén at identity and security company Nexus Group.

Cidron is a series of flexible card readers that support the latest in RFID technology. The Cidron family also includes a range of other products, such as keyfobs and accessories to the Cidron reader. The accessory range includes products that facilitate installation, assist in complying with legislation, and protect the reader from external factors.

“The whole Cidron family is a result of our customers’ and resellers’ wishes, and we will keep developing products to fulfill new needs that arise,” says Elvén, head of hardware at Nexus.

The vandalization protection is available both for standard and slimline Cidron reader models, and comes in the color black. It is securely fastened to the wall using the four screws and screw plugs that are supplied with the accessory.

“Even though the Cidron reader is robust in its basic design, an extra layer of protection might be needed in high-risk environments such as schools and penitentiaries,” says Elvén.

The sloping sides and relatively slim profile of the vandalization protection also make it harder to climb on the reader.

Download product sheet here.