“The physical access control industry will soon be turned on its head”

GET TO KNOW Gustaf Broman, product owner of the self-service platform Nexus GO, who joined identity and security company Nexus Group because of his belief in the company’s unique position and ability to bring creative new solutions and business models to the physical access control market.

How would your colleagues describe you?

“Creative and analytical. For example, when developing Nexus GO, our soon to be released self-service platform where all of Nexus’s technology will be made available on demand, I use my creativity to craft a brand new user experience.

“At the moment I am also analyzing Nexus Online Services, which is a personalized online catalog of our customers’ uniquely specified products for access control, to find the problems and how to solve them. So my colleagues see these sides of me.

“I hope they would also say that I am funny and relaxed – I like making jokes and having a good time while working,” says Gustaf Broman.

Why are you working at Nexus?

“My buddy Magnus Malmström is the head of software at Nexus, and he asked me to come here to talk about if Nexus and I would be a good fit. Turned out we were, so I joined Nexus on September 26, 2016. There are two really attractive and interesting things with Nexus.

“The first is that Nexus has half of its business within physical access control, an industry where things have not changed for real in ages. No one has come up with new business models and everything is still done in a pretty old fashioned way. This means that there are great opportunities for a creative player, and Nexus is really well positioned since it has the other half of its business in digital access and identity management. I think we can create new and unique things, building on the convergence that is happening between the physical and digital worlds.

“The other really attractive thing about Nexus is that the company does not have strict hierarchies or a climate built on prestige. For me it is really important to have a company culture where everybody creates an atmosphere of joy and creativity together.”

What are you working on now?

“I started out as product owner for Nexus Online Services, and now I have recently become the product owner of Nexus GO. We are integrating Nexus Online Services into Nexus GO as one of the first services, and right now I am focusing on making the user experience in Nexus Online Services as smooth as possible. After that we will create the same automated and digitalized customer experience for the rest of our services in Nexus GO.

“We want to be as easy as possible to do business with: our customers will be able to do most things by themselves online, without having to wait for someone to manually help them to create an account or start using a service for example.”

What impact will the on demand and self-service trend have?

“Some organizations will continue to run their identity and access management solutions in-house, but those who chose to get everything as a service on demand will quickly increase in numbers. There are several benefits to using services: you do not need to take care of data centers, staff, or maintenance.

“And a really cool thing is that super advanced solutions are made available to really small organizations. For example, a few years ago a tiny e-commerce company could only dream of using public key infrastructure to securely identify its customers and to make legally binding deals with them online. Now they can implement this solution within two hours and only pay per transaction.

“And things get really exciting when we look at the fusion of the physical and digital worlds, which means that the same digital identities that are used for digital access will also be used for physical access. It will, for example, be as common to open a door with your smart watch or smartphone as with your keys, and when you make these kinds of solutions available on demand to everybody, the physical access control industry will soon be turned on its head.

“Since Nexus is uniquely positioned in this area, having both our digital and physical businesses, I think we will be able to accomplish pretty amazing things.”

Describe an ordinary day in the life of Gustaf!

“My wife and I take turns bringing our three year old daughter Serafina to daycare. Then I take my bike or public transportation to work, depending on the weather. I work at Nexus’s headquarters at Telefonplan in Stockholm, which is 8.5 kilometers from my home in the Stockholm suburb of Bromma.

“My job consists of meetings with partners, meetings with our development team, meetings with our sales team, sometimes customer meetings, and lots of product planning in front of my computer. No two days look the same.

“I spend most of my work days at the office, but I also travel occasionally. Going to the gym during my lunch break a few days a week is part of the plan, but I am not executing that part at the moment. I did on my last job, at ASSA ABLOY, but after changing jobs it takes time to set all routines again – I blame that.

“After work, my wife and I take turns picking up Serafina from daycare, and during the evenings my focus is to play with her – I want to take the chance while she is still young and thinks it is fun to hang out with me,” says Gustaf Broman.

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