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Our solutions create stability, security and efficiency that let you focus on your goals. Within social services we create more time for good meetings between clients and caregivers; within retail we create oppertunities to grow businesses; with IT services we create the reliable infrastructures you require; through integrations we connect data and processes to create new possibilites; and our expertize in cyber security keeps your whole organization safe. Our state-of-the-art IT solutions improve the world for our clients and the every day lives of their customers.

We are market leaders in customer support with the company Releasy. Through innovative services we help clients care for their customers in smart ways. Our building company Hjältevadshus not only delivers a uniquely efficient construction method, they make the whole building and planning processes much simpler for the buyer through IT. Locally, in Borås Sweden, Pulsen Konferens creates a better and easier world of meetings at our conference center.

Pulsen is the most experienced IT company in Sweden. Since 1964 we have been part of the digitalization of our customers, the marketplace and society as a whole. Our experience creates new opportunities and drive the digital evolution forward. The width of companies in the Pulsen Group is larger than ever, but at the same time more collected than ever. With focus and frontline competence we drive development and face the challenges of tomorrow together with our customers. Through IT we create a better world for everyone.

Partner Type

Channel Partner

Nexus Channel Partner support our customers in finding and implementing the right Nexus solution according to your requirements.

They act independently but are always able to get support from Nexus.

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Partner type: System integrators (SIs)
Region: Europe
Country: Sweden

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