IDpendant specializes in IT security solutions, smart cards and USB tokens. It is independent of all manufacturers and offers a wide range of services, including authentication technology, client security products, single sign on systems, encryption solutions, card and mobile device management systems as well as security hardware.

Since IT security is an ever-evolving process that requires a coordinated set of measures, IDpendant offers an extensive range of services that meets the needs in all areas. At IDpendant everything revolves around our clients' individual needs, whether it is in the initial information session or in the final implementation phase. When it comes to IT security, IDpendant is the place to turn to for comprehensive expert assistance.

Solutions provided by IDpendant are never off-the-rack. We work closely with our clients to create solutions that perfectly meet their individual needs. The same is true for project planning, implementation and support. We select our providers very carefully, collaborating only with those whose products meet our strict quality criteria. Since standard interfaces are used at all times, our solutions integrate into existing system smoothly and effortlessly. In addition to our first-class customer orientation, we offer products at excellent value.

Region: DACH, Europe
Country: Germany

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