Bahwan CyberTek

They deliver digital transformation of businesses through IP-led products and cognitive solutions, growth accelerators and innovative outcome-based business models. Their solutions span across Digital Journey Management, Predictive Analytics, Digital Customer Experience, Payments & Citizen services and Education.

With innovation and thought leadership as their core values, they have delivered sustainable transformation to  customers, adapting advancements in technology specific to each business domain allowing them to function with agility and create new business models besides being ready for the changes and challenges of the future.

Bahwan CyberTek solutions and services help organizations redefine the business models, stabilize stakeholder environment, improve customer interactions and relationships, improve business processes to work more profitably and stay ahead and agile.

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Kenya ushers in a new era of eCitizen services with National PKI

30 July, 2023
Nexus PKI enables ICT Authority to facilitate secure growth of national digital infrastructure and achieve compliance with global standards.
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AWT offers smooth and secure workforce identity management as a service

10 July, 2023
AWT delivers integrated workforce ID card administration & global card personalization services in their solutions through a partnership with Nexus...
Customer Cases Workforce

Sigtuna Municipality secures digital identities for their politicians and employees

26 April, 2023
The municipality of Sigtuna has upgraded to Nexus service GO Workforce to issue and handle secure identities for its politicians and employees. GO ...