Pantasign strengthens trust in India’s digital ecosystem with Nexus PKI

Since the launch of Digital India initiative, the county has witnessed a surge in digitization. As technologies continue to advance, the need for secure digital identities has become a necessity. Pantasign is leading the way towards a trusted digital authentication ecosystem to meet the changing security requirements of India's digital landscape, based on Nexus Smart ID PKI.

The digital revolution has transformed the way we live, work, and communicate. Establishing and maintaining trust is crucial for the success and security of digital transactions.

Nexus Smart ID solution is a proven platform and has been implemented on the e-governance scale in India. By leveraging this platform, Pantasign provides a full range of PKI services that include Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) and eSign certificate issuance, Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP), and Time Stamping Authority (TSA).

“Nexus offered us a comprehensive solution for setting up our Trust Center Services that provides digital certificates for strong authentication, data encryption, and secure communication. The robust PKI platform allows us to enable a secure digital ecosystem for India - empowering individuals, organizations, and the nation as a whole.” says Mr. Abhishek Goel, director at Pantasign. “Nexus also has a strong commitment to Make-In-India and their expanding research and development center in Pune ensures responsiveness to any changes requested by the Indian regulator,” he elaborates on why they chose Nexus.

“Pantasign plays a crucial role in fortifying trust and security in India. We are thrilled to contribute toward their mission with our EAL 4+ compliant, proven, and scalable PKI platform,” concludes Bhavin Shah, regional head at Nexus.






About Pantagon Sign Securities

Pantasign is a leading Certificate Authority in India. They are committed to delivering digital signatures with the highest standards in the industry through an ethical operation, a diverse and inclusive global workforce, and continuous focus on our customers, partners, and employees.



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