Nexus Personal Mobile

Nexus Personal Mobile is a mobile app that makes two-factor authentication (2FA) and digital signing easier and more cost efficient. It is used together with the access management platform Nexus Hybrid Access Gateway, which provides user authentication and access to applications, information and cloud services. Hybrid Access Gateway supports a wide range of authentication methods, Personal Mobile being the newest.

Personal Mobile is used for out-of-band authentication in digital services and supports push notifications. To authenticate with Personal Mobile, the user verifies that the random picture shown in the mobile app is the same as in the target application. This is done by pressing the smartphone’s fingerprint reader, using iPhone Face ID or typing in a PIN. Personal Mobile also supports time-based one-time passwords (TOTPs).

Support for single sign-on

As Hybrid Access Gateway supports identity federation and single sign-on (SSO), the user only has to log in once to get access to all published resources – regardless of whether the resources are located on-site, off-site or in the cloud, and regardless of whether the user is at the office, at home or travelling.

Personal Mobile can be used to verify user identity in e-commerce, customer portals, online banking and public-sector e-services. The mobile app is also well suited for granting employees access to digital services.

Available for iOS and Android

Onboarding of new users is easy, and the personalization of the Personal Mobile app can be done securely online. The activation process can be invoked either by an administrator, the help desk or by the users themselves through the self-service function. Users can either be added individually or many can be added simultaneously, and it is open to integrate with identity and access management platforms such as Nexus PRIME.

The users download Personal Mobile via Apple’s App Store or Google Play. They then activate the app with a one-time activation code, distributed as a clickable link or as a QR code to scan with the mobile app.

Support for PKI-based identities

The app consists of multiple layers of security. The user’s digital identity is protected with multiple encryption layers and device-binding, and Personal Mobile supports public key infrastructure (PKI) based identities. The app is protected against reverse engineering, malware attacks, jail-breaking, debuggers and rootkits.

Personal Mobile is also available as a software development kit (SDK), allowing for close integration with other mobile apps.

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