Nexus eSign suite for India

The eSign online electronic signature service integrates with applications to replace paper-based signatures. With eSign, an authenticated user can electronically sign forms, transactions and other documents on any device from anywhere, using Aadhaar and Bank eKYC.

Issuance of physical dongles to enable digital signatures is not a feasible way forward for India, since it does not scale to more than a billion people. A simple-to-use online service such as eSign is a scalable alternative that can enable the mass adoption of digital signatures.

eSign makes it possible to replace paper-based signatures, which leads to a significant reduction in paper-handling costs, improves efficiency, and increases convenience for customers.

The eSign service can easily be integrated with various service delivery applications via an open API, which makes it a cost-efficient and convenient solution. The eSign process involves consumer consent, digital signature certificate generation, digital signature creation and affixing, and digital signature certificate acceptance in accordance with provisions of the Information Technology Act. The signatures made with eSign are thus legally binding.

The Nexus eSign suite includes:

  • Nexus Certificate Manager – certificate authority software for certificate lifecycle management.
  • Nexus eSign Server – server-side signatures and compliant with the eSign guidelines set by the Controller of Certifying Authorities in India.

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