Nexus CardDesk

Nexus CardDesk is a software that enables you to consolidate entitlements from several different physical access control systems (PACS). It is tailor-made for the German, Austrian and Swiss markets.

CardDesk provides a unified, vendor-independent view of your different PACS and enables administrators to manage all user groups and their credentials centrally, in one system.

The solution covers everything in your PACS, from the service centers where you issue access cards to employees or visitor, to your access control points.

CardDesk key features include:

  • Integration with the most common PACS on the German, Austrian and Swiss markets, including Kaba and Siemens Siport.
  • Physical identity and access management (PIAM).
  • Central administration of all identities for the duration of their entire lifecycle.
  • Best-practice workflows for instant use.
  • Card management.
  • Asset management.
  • Visitor Management.

Nexus offers a similar solution for integration with the most common PACS on the Nordic market, called Nexus IDentity Connector (IDC).


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