Nexus Card SDK

Nexus Card SDK is a set of software development tools that offers functionality for designing, printing and encoding access cards, smart cards and ID badges. It can easily be integrated into any physical access control system, identity management system or business control system to enable card production on site.

With Card SDK, you would not need to get a new system for card production. Instead, you would integrate Card SDK in an existing system and utilize the user information that you already have in your system to make the cards. If you need to collect additional information, such as photos and signatures, Card SDK offers functionality for this.

Key features of Card SDK are that it:

  • Enables smooth creation of custom-designed card layouts.
  • Can be used to encode and print all types of RFID, contact chip and magnetic stripe cards.
  • Can be used to add keys and certificates to contact chip cards, so that they can be used to make digital signatures.
  • Offers a direct interface to Canon digital cameras and video cameras.
  • Has a unified user interface for all devices used for image capturing and digital capturing of signatures, etcetera.
  • Offers both automatic and manual image enhancement to ensure high quality images.


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