The Cidron card reader series

Cidron is a series of flexible card readers that support the latest within RFID technology. The readers are attractive and user friendly – and easy to install and maintain.

The card readers are built to withstand all possible environments and weather conditions, and in addition, you can adapt the reader with accessories such as vandalization protection, weather protection, spacer plates, and accessibility products. The appearance of Cidron can even be customized: you can, for example, choose the color or use your own organization’s logotype. Cidron is available with or without a keypad, and also comes in a more slender version if space is limited.

You choose yourself the level of security you want to have, and it is easy to upgrade. The card reader series has support for among others, the RFID technologies EM, MIFARE Classic, MIFARE Plus, and MIFARE DESFire.

The solution is suitable for those who would like to:

  • Adapt the appearance of the card reader and the identity bearer.
  • Have a long-term solution that functions with tomorrow’s technology.
  • Integrate the card readers with existing access systems.

Frequently asked questions

What is Cidron?

Cidron is one of Nexus’s smart card readers for both in- and outdoor use. The construction can withstand all possible environments and weather conditions, and its functioning and appearance can be customized as desired.

How is Cidron different from other card readers?

In contrast to many competing card readers, Cidron can be integrated with existing and multiple/various access control systems and programs, and can be adapted to the company’s graphic profile.

Can the appearance of Nexus card readers be personalized?

Yes! Choose the color coding of the reader, complement this with your logotype, and match cards and key cards with your company’s colors.