Generate login and access cards via Cards as a service

Do you want to get started with a carefree service and then be able to routinely order and administer your login and access cards?

Cards as a service makes it possible for you to order new cards and other accessories easily and change entitlements when a new employee arrives, or when a card needs to be replaced. Our website provides a secure and complete overview of your card orders, and the site can even be integrated with your intranet or homepage. The possibility also exists to place orders with file transfer from your internal system, such as HR system or the catalogue service Active Directory.

We help you to customize everything that has to do with your cards – card type as well as card technology, card layout and logotype. We even help you to adjust the serial numbers to fit your access system. Via the service, you can also order a number of accessories, such as lanyards, card holders, and yoyos. The cards can be delivered with receipt papers and even pin codes, if so desired.

Here you will find Cards as a Service 

The solution is suitable for those who would like to:

  • Avoid the investments and running costs that own card production entail.
  • Order and purchase cards according to need.
  • Have the possibility to manage entitlements 24 hours a day.

Frequently asked questions

What is an access card?

An access card functions like a key and can give the owner access to, for example, localities, printers, or computers.

What is Cards as a service?

Nexus Online Services are Nexus digital portals that help you customize your employee cards and key cards according to need. As a customer, you can easily manage access entitlements and order new cards or block existing ones, should a co-worker, for example, end his/her employment.

How quickly can we change access entitlements on our cards?

With the help of Nexus software you can easily make adjustments in your access entitlements around the clock, every day in the week.