Produce your own login and access cards

Produce quality ensured login and access cards with RFID chip or magnetic strip, ID photo, and your own layout – directly on site in your own facilities.

Nexus furnishes complete solutions that cover everything from administration of entitlements to photo stations and card printers. This makes it possible for you to manage locally everything that has to do with the cards and to print out cards as needed. This is especially practical for those of you who need cards quickly, for example, for occasional visits or for regular changes in your entitlements. The solution is also suitable for those with exceptionally high security requirements.

In addition to magnetic strips for time systems and touch-free RFID loop for entry, the cards can be equipped with contact chips for computer logins.

The solution is suitable for those who:

  • Want to print out login and access cards on location.
  • Need cards quickly, for example for visitors.
  • Have exceptionally high security requirements.

Frequently asked questions

What is an access card?

An access card functions like a key and can give the owner access to, for example, localities, printers, or computers.

How quickly can we change access entitlements on our cards?

With the help of Nexus software you can easily make adjustments in your access entitlements around the clock, every day in the week.