Manage combined physical and digital access

Nexus offers comprehensive, centralized standard products for all identity and access management, both in the physical and digital world.

There is much to be gained by managing identities and access in one and the same system, regardless of whether it concerns access to facilities, computers, or applications. You gain control over the entire life cycle, reduce costs, and reduce the risk for cyber attacks as well as physical intrusion.

The identities you issue can, for example, be stored on the employees’ mobile phones, computers, or smart cards. Nexus solutions provide support for the digitizing of your operations, and help you live up to the authorities’ and customers’ demands.

The solution is suitable for those who would like to:

  • Reduce the costs of and increase the security of their entitlement management.
  • Ensure that the right person has access to the right IT system and physical resources.
  • Enforce corporate security policy using a centralized product.