Protect electronic services in the public sector with eID from a third party

To allow citizens to identify themselves only through the use of usernames and passwords is unsafe, and even if the password has not been cracked, it is not possible to know who the citizen is. Nexus solutions make it possible for citizens to identify themselves with two-factor authentication and to sign transactions on line.

Nexus solutions for protecting electronic services in the public sector support commonly occurring eIDs, for example Swedish BankID or eID that follow EU regulations regarding eIDAS standards. If these identities are already available, then you can easily digitize your services.

Citizens expect to be able to get service and to perform errands on line twenty four hours a day. Nexus solutions make it possible, for example, for citizens to file income tax reports, secure a place in the preschool queue, and apply for building permits via the internet. You even get support for reliable archiving and traceability of transactions.

The solution is suitable for those who would like to:

  • Have two-factor authentication for their electronic services.
  • Allow citizens to use the mobile phone or the computer to make formal agreements with them.
  • Avoid fraud and provide increased security for their citizens.