Issue CitizenID for citizens

Citizens expect to be able to get service and to perform errands on line twenty four hours a day. In order to make this possible, a smooth and secure solution is required for logins, digital signatures, and storage.

With Nexus solutions for CitizenID for citizens, you can issue trustworthy electronic identities that are comparable to physical identity documents, for example driver’s licenses and passports. Nationally valid eIDs are a prerequisite for the digitizing of society and make it possible, for example, for citizens to file income tax reports, secure a place in the preschool queue, and apply for building permits via the internet.

The electronic identities can, for example, be stored on the citizens’ mobile telephones or computers, and Nexus solutions automate both the issuance of identities and blockage of identities that change their entitlement.

The solution is suitable for those who would like to:

  • Enable making formal agreements with citizens via the internet.
  • Use a secure 2-factor solution for logins, digital signatures, and archiving.
  • Issue and manage trustworthy electronic identities.