Secure e-commerce or internet banking with eIDs from a third party

To allow customers to identify themselves only by user name and password is not secure, and even if the password has not been cracked, you do not know who the customer is. Nexus solutions make it possible for customers to identify themselves with two-factor authentication and to make legally binding signatures on line.

Nexus solutions for secure e-commerce or internet banking support commonly occurring eIDs, for example, Swedish BankID or eIDs that follow EU regulations for eIDAS standards. If these identities are already available, this means that you easily can digitize your business procedures and make it easy for your customers to complete transactions that are in progress on line.

With Nexus solutions, you obtain even support for reliable archiving of signatures and the traceability of transactions, so that you can ensure that you live up to authorities’ requirements.

The solution is suitable for those who would like to:

  • Have two-factor authentication in your e-commerce or internet bank.
  • Allow your customers to use the mobile phone or computer to complete transactions.
  • Allow your users to use multiple digital identities such as BankId, eIDAS compatible ids or your own Customer IDs.