Secure e-commerce or internet banking with own CustomerIDs

By issuing own electronic identities to your customers, you build a more intimate relationship with them. You even avoid having to pay an external identity issuer to use their eIDs.

Nexus has a total solution that allows you to issue your own electronic identities in your own name and with your own design. For greatest possible user friendliness, the electronic identity is stored in the customer’s mobile phone, but it is also possible to store the identity in, for example, a data file on the customer’s computer or on a smart card.

When you issue CustomerID, you enable smooth two-factor authentication, 2FA, and signatures of transactions on line. This means that you can digitize your business procedures and make it simpler for your customers to complete a transaction in progress. By being able to identify in a secure manner which customer you are interacting with, you can also obtain statistics about your customer’s behavior, and thereby become even better at providing your customers with relevant offerings.

The solution is suitable for those who would like to:

  • Have two-factor authentication on your customer portal or internet bank.
  • Allow customers to use the mobile phone or computer to complete the transaction.
  • Issue a cost-efficient electronic identity to your customers.