Norrtälje Municipality establishes Identity Management strategy with Nexus Smart ID

Norrtälje Kommun, a Swedish municipality, has established an identity-based security approach using the Smart ID platform as a foundation.

Government agencies tend to trust in smart cards and multi-factor authentication, and this is true with Norrtälje. The Swedish municipality has implemented Smart ID Identity Manager using the smart card as the root of trust for its 2.500 employees. This enabled its employees to have one card for several functions including identification, building access and follow-me printing.

A few years after introducing Smart ID Identity Manager, Norrtälje expanded to include a strong digital identity in the form of a mobile virtual smart card and the Smart ID Mobile App that allowed for greater user convenience.

Norrtälje’s identity-based security approach started with Smart ID Digital Access which provides single sign-on and secure access to municipality services. Both employees using their own issued identities, and citizens in the municipality using an official eID have access.

Nexus’ long-standing partner, Certezza, performed the Smart ID implementation.


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Smart ID for the workforce enables organizations to utilize a zero trust strategy with trusted identities. Trusted identities allow processes to be streamlined, simplified and enables automation and self-service in a user-friendly manner. All while strengthening IT security for your organization.

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