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A significant step toward enhancing the cybersecurity of critical infrastructure and digital service providers is the implementation of the revised European Network and Information Security Directive, known as NIS2. Given the rapidly evolving cybersecurity threats, NIS2 is the cornerstone of strengthening defenses in the EU. While the enforcement date of the NIS2 may appear distant, it is just around the corner – scheduled for October 17, 2024.  

The time to prepare for NIS2 is now. How prepared are you? 

Check whether your entity is affected and assess your cybersecurity level based on the minimum requirements outlined by NIS2 by taking our self-assessment below.

Nexus solutions for NIS2 compliance

At Nexus, we assist leading global organizations worldwide in fortifying and safeguarding their workforce and workplace from cyber threats. As a European vendor of PKI-based trusted identities, we can help you implement NIS2 requirements. Our solutions and services provide highly secure and convenient Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to secure your services, devices, and network. Additionally, we offer solutions for issuing digital certificates and managing the lifecycle of all certificate-based identities. By utilizing our highly secure, performant, and certified PKI platform, you can ensure that your digital identities consistently adhere to the latest European standards. In doing so, we not only support your Zero Trust strategy within the context of NIS2 but also aid in your transition to the cloud. 

Let’s together embark on the journey toward a secure and resilient cybersecurity future! 

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Workforce identities delivered as a Service. Trusted identities are fundamental to the modern enterprise.

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Identities for the IT environment as a Service.Trusted machine identities are fundamental to the modern enterprise. It enables digital business and establishes unique identities for the corporate IT equipment and enables a zero-trust IT architecture. The key to issuing and managing these trusted identities in an easy way is to use the Nexus GO Workplace service.

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A public key infrastructure (PKI) provides a solid security foundation for strong authentication, email encryption, digital signing, and securing IoT devices and applications.The Nexus Smart ID PKI allows governments and businesses to enable trust with certificate-based identities for citizens, employees, applications, things, and smart devices.