New members of the Nexus management team

Identity and security company Nexus Group modifies its management team. “This upgrade will enable us to build a stronger and even more relevant company, which is better able to support our customers on their journeys toward secure digitalization,” says Magnus Malmström, CEO of Nexus.

Malmström joined Nexus in May 2016 and became CEO in October 2018. To be able to realize his ambitions for Nexus, he has now remade the management team.

“There is a clear trend towards higher technological sophistication in the security business, as well as a shift towards services instead of products: the market wants security made easy. And our customers and partners have less time than ever, and they need our competence. To meet these demands and accelerate our business, we have upgraded our management team,” says Malmström.

Focusing on Smart IDs for two areas

Most of Nexus’s technology is now incorporated in the Nexus Smart ID platform, which helps organizations to digitalize securely.

“We have decided to focus on two areas: helping organizations to issue, manage and use trusted employee identities, which we call Smart IDs for the workforce; and helping organizations to enable protected communication in the internet of things (IoT), which we call Smart IDs for the IoT,” says Malmström.

Becoming increasingly relevant

Therefore, the new management team will implement changes in Nexus’s go-to-market model.

“Nexus will also get more decentralized, so that we can get even closer to our customers with our technology and knowledge. With these changes in place, I think we have a very bright future, since our solutions are becoming increasingly relevant all around the world,” says Malmström.

The new roles in the Nexus management team:

  • Chief revenue officer (CRO) – Volker Kunz, previously vice president for sales at Nexus, will take the lead for all Nexus’s revenue streams, with ultimate accountability for driving revenue-growth by leveraging and aligning all Nexus’s revenue-generating departments: Marketing, Sales and Customer Success.
  • Vice president of engineering – Fredrik Broman, previously domain lead of engineering effectiveness at banking company Klarna, will manage product management and all development teams.
  • Vice president of operations – Bernd Nufer, previously director of professional services at Nexus, will manage all delivery functions for on-premises and cloud solutions as well as technical support.
  • Vice president of identity services – Gustaf Broman, previously director of digital services at Nexus, will be responsible for Nexus’s identity services.

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