Nexus supplies service card solutions to municipality of Ale

Municipality of Ale has negotiated a solution for the production and administration of service cards for all its employees. The management of the municipality wanted all personnel to have secure identification that could also be used for secure login, and for access, print-on-demand etc.

Municipality of Ale called off the solution via the framework agreement of Kammarkollegiet “Identification and access control card”. The call off concerns a complete key solution including software, production equipment (camera, printer, card, accessories) and full delivery.

The new card can be used by all personnel for identification. It increases security for access to the municipality’s premises and its computer network. It also ensures simpler and more secure administration.

The decisive factors for Ale municipality were:

  • The cards could be produced and administered by their own personnel on their own premises
  • The cards can be used once they are issued, for login and access.
  • The solution is prepared for future cooperation with national federations such as Sambi and “Svensk e-legitimation”

“We are very proud that Nexus was the only supplier able to meet all of the municipality of Ale’s requirements. Our solution is based on neXus PRIME which includes all the functions needed to produce Smart cards and for the entire lifecycle of the card,” says Marcus Persson, Regional Director Nordic at Nexus.

“Our objective was to find a complete supplier of service cards for visual and electronic identification. We wanted to be able to create and administer our cards in our own premises. Nexus PRIME met our requirements and makes administration of our service card simpler whilst increasing security,” says Christina Larsson at municipality of Ale.