Nexus strengthens its mission to secure society with Asia PKI membership

Nexus, part of IN Groupe, is a leading identity security company that aims to secure society by enabling trusted identities. We are thrilled to announce that Nexus is now a part of the Asia PKI Consortium (APKIC).

The APKIC has been at the forefront of promoting the adoption and awareness of PKI technology since its establishment in 2001. It plays a vital role in enabling secure digital transformation, necessitating constant innovation and collaboration around technical standards, regulations, and interoperability.

The role of PKI in cybersecurity

Globally and especially in Asia, digitization has become an integral part of the social and economic life. PKI is fundamental to securing the digital infrastructure for several reasons. It provides a mechanism for

  • Verifying the identity of parties involved in digital transactions
  • Safeguarding the confidentiality of data during transmission
  • Ensuring that data remains unchanged during transit

Shaping a safer society through trusted identities

Trust Service Providers (TSPs) worldwide rely on Nexus PKI to deliver high-quality and secure services, ranging from issuing trusted digital identities to enabling secure online transactions. Our robust and integrated PKI platform empowers TSPs to facilitate identity management, certificate management, digital signatures, and access control, ensuring a seamless and secure experience for users.

This guarantees that individuals can interact with digital platforms confidently, knowing that their identities and transactions are protected. Therefore, governments, enterprises, and individuals are in dire need of PKI adoption and implementation.

Strategic alignment with Asia PKI Consortium

Nexus' decision to join the APKIC aligns with its commitment to secure development in Asia. With a growing presence in the region, Nexus, in collaboration with the consortium, aims to develop standards and principles that foster interoperability of PKI across the region. “This strategic alignment is not a business decision; it's a community initiative to reduce barriers and promote a more connected Asia through shared expertise and resources,” states Tejas Lagad, Director at Nexus for the region.

As Nexus takes its place among the esteemed members of the APKIC, we are excited about our contributions to the consortium's initiatives. “By aligning with TSPs and the consortium's mission, Nexus is contributing to the advancement of cybersecurity while reinforcing the foundation of secure digital interactions in the evolving landscape of the Asian digital economy,” concludes Lagad.





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