Nexus Smart ID ready for SWIM

As a part of Nexus strategy to enable trusted identities for regulated industry and critical infrastructure, we have tailored our Smart ID platform for system-wide information management (SWIM). Nexus proudly announces the availability for Smart ID to manage SWIM identity and authentication, with the benefits to allow secure digitalization of traffic management in air and sea.

The concept of SWIM implies a complete change in paradigm of how information security is managed along its full lifecycle from identity issuance to secure authentication. The concept enables seamless civil and military information exchange in real-time. SWIM is a global industry initiative to harmonize the exchange of trusted information within air traffic management (ATM), by using open standards, common governance processes and interoperable services. For example, by letting only verified identities process or consume services, the owner is given full control over the access management of data.

For marine and sea traffic management, there is a similar concept called SeaSWIM, to enable secure digitalization within the maritime industry.

Passwordless solution with user-friendly enrollment

The Nexus Smart ID – SWIM solution has been brought to the market to enable all providers of identity and access management to meet the highest requirements in information security. The solution provides a passwordless environment for the modern workforce based on either virtual and physical smart cards or OTP tokens, to provide strong encryption and authentication as well as user-friendly identity enrollment with assurance and auditability.

Nexus as a company is certified according to ISO 27001 and TISAX, and our PKI foundation is soon to be certified according to Common Criteria EAL 4+.

If you are a traffic management stakeholder with the ambition to take part in SWIM as a service provider to enable trusted identities, please contact a Nexus sales representative to get more detailed information about our Smart ID solution for SWIM.

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