Nexus reorganizes to speed up innovation and improve customer experience

Identity and security company Nexus Group has glued together its different product development groups with the support team and formed one single product organization. “This will lead to an even better and more responsive experience for customers and partners, and it will speed up innovation,” says Lars Pettersson, CEO of Nexus.

Nexus was created through a number of acquisitions, with the aim to craft a company prepared for the convergence of physical and digital security.

“This convergence is unstoppable, and we are one of very few companies with this deep competence in both physical and digital access. This means we have a great position on the market, since using the same governance infrastructure for both physical and digital access provides great advantages when it comes to adaptability and security,” says Pettersson.

Creating one single product organization with autonomous teams was a natural next step for the company, according to Pettersson.

“It will enable us to make the most of all the competence in Nexus and take the lead in the innovation game.”

And with the support team incorporated in the product organization, continuous learnings and faster reaction times are enabled, according to Pettersson.

“Earlier, sometimes different Nexus teams got caught up in silo thinking. Now things are very clear: we support what we develop, and we always make sure that we have happy customers and partners.”

As a result of the reorganization, the responsibility for implementation projects and customizations of software products have been moved to the regions, with profit and loss responsibility.

“This means that the product organization can focus 100% on delivering and supporting world-class scalable products,” says Pettersson.

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