Nexus offers PKI Cards as a Service

For some time, Nexus has been offering a web-based service, Nexus GO Cards, for ordering and managing its corporate identities. Now also our latest service, Nexus GO PKI Cards, is up and running.

Customers no longer needs to invest a lot of money, effort and endurance to start issuing PKI cards for their employees. With Nexus GO PKI Cards, the organization can enjoy all the benefits of having smart card-based IDs for its employees, without having to bring in consultants to set up CAs (Certificate Authorities), write policies, purchase and configure HSMs, and install complex and costly CMS (Card Management system) etc. Nexus GO PKI Cards is a straight forward and smooth service where the organization is onboarded by the Nexus Customer Success team and then you are ready to start to order cards via the service which is then delivered ready for use. In Sweden, there are already smaller authorities and municipalities that have signed up and started the service.

Contact Nexus to know more.