Nexus makes it possible to authenticate to any system

Identity and security company Nexus Group announces a new SDK (software development kit) that makes it possible to order access cards and key fobs from any system, such as HR systems, business process software and physical access control systems. “This empowers customers and technology partners to build unique, digital onboarding processes,” says Magnus Malmström, vice president of Product & Delivery at Nexus.

Nexus GO Cards as a Service (CaaS) is a service that makes it feasible to outsource the personalization and production of authenticators.

Making HR processes more cost-effective

“First, you get help to set up a personalized online catalogue of pre-configured access cards, photo ID cards, key fobs and accessories, such as card holders and lanyards. You can then order the predefined and ready-to-use authenticators and accessories from an ordering portal. We have also created a new SDK, which makes it possible to send the order straight from another system,” says Malmström.

This means that information about the intended card holder – such as name, picture, role and entitlement codes – only has to be entered into one system, such as the HR system or the physical access control system.

“Your administrator no longer has to enter the same information once again a minute later in the card ordering portal. This makes the process more convenient, secure and cost-effective,” says Malmström.

The information can either be sent to CaaS with the click of a button, or automatically, as the final step of any process.

Easy to integrate, thanks to Swagger

The new CaaS SDK is powered by Swagger, which is an open-source software framework that is backed by a large ecosystem of tools that helps developers design, build, document and consume RESTful web services.

“We use Swagger, since Nexus stands for open standards and transparency, and since it’s becoming increasingly popular. Microsoft’s Logic Apps supports Swagger-based interfaces out of the box, for example. It’s now extremely easy to integrate CaaS with systems that support Swagger, and the SDK is published online on Nexus Docs,” says Malmström.

The next release of the identity management software Nexus PRIME, which is a part of the Nexus Smart ID solution, will support off-site production of authenticators via the CaaS SDK.

“Many different system providers will build in the possibility to order authenticators straight from their systems, since that’s an easy way to add value. There is a strong demand in the market for HR-based and automated onboarding processes,” says Malmström.