Nexus launches user authentication with Swedish BankID as a cloud service

Identity and security company Nexus Group launches user authentication with Swedish BankID as a cloud service. “In less than a day, you have the solution in place and can say goodbye to passwords — and you only pay SEK 1 999 per month and SEK 0.35 per authentication,” says Malin Ridelius, product specialist at Nexus.

Swedish BankID is an electronic identity (eID) that is comparable to a driver’s licence, passport and other physical identification documents. It enables organizations to identify individuals in web services, mobile web services and mobile applications.

“7.2 million Swedes use BankID, and it is by far the most popular eID in Sweden. Previously it has been difficult and expensive to integrate authentication with BankID in user portals, but with our new cloud service we make it incredibly easy and cost effective,” says Ridelius.

Nexus acts as the so-called relying party for BankID, which means that Nexus handles all costs and contracts towards the BankID selling bank.

“The only thing you need to do is to create an account in our new self-service portal Nexus GO and follow the simple instructions for integration, and then your users can log in with BankID. We are incredibly proud that we have managed to make the process this smooth,” says Ridelius.

The new cloud service, Nexus GO Authentication with Swedish BankID, supports both the desktop version and the mobile version of BankID.

Authentication using BankID is safe and makes it possible for you to know who you are dealing with (know your customer, KYC). It also means that you do not need expensive password administration.

“There are various estimates of how much all the password hassle really costs, depending on, for example, how big your cost for replacing a lost password is. But regardless of how you count, we are talking about a lot of money. And in addition, leaked passwords create a lot of bad will for an organization,” says Ridelius.

Nexus GO Authentication with Swedish BankID suits both those organizations that currently allow its users to identify themselves with a username and password, and the organizations that do not yet have any citizen or client portal.

There are two price plans: Medium costing SEK 1,999 per month and SEK 0.35 per authentication, and Large costing SEK 3,999 per month and SEK 0.27 per authentication.

“Nexus GO Authentication with Swedish BankID fits organizations of all sizes, but for small organizations, this service is completely revolutionary. A small online shop could previously only dream of offering their customers login using BankID, because it was too difficult and cost too much to install a solution on-site,” says Ridelius.

Nexus GO Authentication with Swedish BankID also makes it very easy for Nexus’s partners to offer their customers user authentication with BankID.

“Our cloud service also fulfills the needs of web and digital agencies who work with the development of customer portals, because it means that they can offer login with BankID as a natural part of their delivery without the need to have expertise in the area,” says Ridelius.

Nexus GO Authentication with Swedish BankID is the first service to be launched in Nexus GO, where Nexus technology will be made available as services.

“We will soon make it possible to integrate authentication with other countries’ electronic identities, and we will also release a range of other services for digital signing, IoT security and access control products,” says Gustaf Broman, product manager for Nexus GO.

It is possible to test Nexus GO Authentication with Swedish BankID for free, and you get real-time reporting of your usage.

“We have put a lot of effort into making Nexus GO and its services attractive, transparent and easy to use. We want to be as smooth as possible to do business with: our customers will be able to do most things by themselves online, without having to wait for someone to manually help them create an account or start using a service. But if questions or need for advice arise, we are of course ready to help out”, says Broman.

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