Nexus launches the online portal Nexus GO to make its solutions available on demand

Identity and security company Nexus Group launches the self-service platform Nexus GO, where Nexus’s technology will be available on demand. “This means that it will be incredibly easy, fast and cost-efficient to deploy our solutions for user authentication, digital signing, identity management, IoT security and physical access control products,” says Lars Pettersson, CEO of Nexus.

Cloud computing has made it possible to offer advanced security solutions as a service, and a quickly increasing number of organizations are choosing not to invest in on-premises solutions.

“And for smaller organizations there might not even be a choice to make: many simply cannot afford to run advanced security solutions on their own. Nexus GO makes the use of trusted identities – which are the foundation for all security solutions – available to all organizations,” says Pettersson.

For example, Nexus GO will make it possible for a small e-commerce site to deploy two-factor authentication and digital signatures in only a few hours, without having to make a big investment.

Personalized online catalog for uniquely specified products

“It will also be possible for customers to create a personalized online catalog of their uniquely specified products for access control, such as identity badges and key fobs,” says Pettersson.

If, for example, you need an access card for a new employee, you would just order it with a few clicks and get it delivered a few days later, fully functional with your access control systems straight out of the envelope.

“Nexus GO will also make it possible for a startup to easily make their new internet of things (IoT) device secure by design, without having to make a heavy initial investment in security. Nexus GO enables seamless scaling at whatever pace you want, which is great for when your product turns out to be a success. And if the new product does not pan out, you just cancel the Nexus GO service and stop paying.”

There are also a number of benefits with identity security solutions on demand for bigger organizations, according to Pettersson.

“Nexus GO’s services enable you to focus on your core business, without having to worry about hardware, dedicated staff or maintenance. Businesses themselves want to get things as a service quickly, instead of waiting for the IT department to procure, test and deploy solutions,” says Pettersson.

In many cases, a cloud-based solution is also more secure than an on-premises solution, since big cloud providers have more resources to fight off hackers, according to Pettersson.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

“We have chosen to run Nexus GO on Microsoft’s cloud platform Azure, since it offers the strongest privacy protections, with strong contractual commitments backing the privacy standards and best practices. And we will of course also follow the EU’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Since passwords are insecure and troublesome, two-factor authentication with the free mobile app Nexus Personal Mobile is used for login to Nexus GO. Trust is paramount to us,” says Pettersson.

It will be possible to test Nexus GO services for free, and you get real-time reporting of your usage.

“We have put a lot of effort into making Nexus GO and its services attractive, transparent smooth to use. We want to be as easy as possible to do business with: our customers will be able to do most things by themselves online, without having to wait for someone to manually help them create an account or start using a service. But if questions or need for advice arise, we are of course ready to help out,” says Gustaf Broman, product manager of Nexus GO.

Easier for Nexus’s partners

Nexus GO will also make it easier for Nexus’s partners to help their customers digitalize their businesses.

“Partners will be able to easily integrate our solutions in their offerings, which is especially great for partners such as digital agencies and web agencies,” says Broman.

The first service to be launched in the new identity security self-service portal is Nexus GO Authentication with Swedish BankID.

“We will make our existing technologies available as services, one after another. And we will also release new and creative solutions. The fusion of the physical and digital worlds means that the same digital identities that are used for digital access are also used for physical access, and this opens up really exciting possibilities,” says Broman.

Although identity security solutions on demand suits all types and sizes of organizations, some will still want to have solutions installed on-premises or in a partner’s data center, according to Broman.

“So we will of course keep offering our solutions for on-premises installation too. Some of our competitors only offer one of the alternatives, so we see it as a great strength to be able to offer our technology just the way the customer wants it,” says Broman.

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