Nexus launches new solution for PKI cards as a service

Ordering PKI cards as a service lets your organization get started with smart card login without having to train personnel or set up a public key infrastructure (PKI) or on-site printers. “With Nexus GO PKI Cards, it is quick and easy to get rid of the passwords and set up a more secure solution for Windows login to protect company resources,” says Tamas Horvath, product manager of PKI as a Service at identity and security company Nexus Group.

Public key infrastructure (PKI) cards from identity and security company Nexus Group are a good choice for any organization that wants higher security for Windows login, digital resource access, and digital signing.

“Getting started with PKI cards is often a costly and complex project that involves training personnel and setting up and maintaining PKI infrastructures, card management, printers, and other equipment. This can be avoided if you instead order them as a service”, says Horvath.

Two-factor authentication for windows login

“Since employees often have access to sensitive resources from their laptops, it is important to require secure login to Windows. Logging in with PKI cards is a way to get rid of insecure passwords, and use secure two-factor authentication (2FA)”, says Horvath.

The PKI cards are also equipped with a contactless RFID chip. All corporate access functions can be collected on a single employee card, including secure access to buildings and visual identification. The PKI cards can also be used for authenticated emails and digital signatures.

Contact Nexus to get started

To quickly get started with Nexus GO PKI Cards, contact Nexus.

“Nexus will create a card layout and set up the service for you, including your own named certificate authority. You will receive a starter kit including cards and card readers. You can then set up your system for Windows login, and verify that the smart card access works. Then you are ready to order your own employee cards”, says Horvath.

Card ordering tool and lifecycle management

Each customer gets access to an easy-to-use, web-based card ordering and management tool. Nexus’ card production team personalises and prints the ordered cards, and sends them by mail to the customer. The initial PIN codes are sent by email directly to the end user. The PKI card management tool also allows you to unblock cards, handle temporary cards, and deactivate employees and cards.