Nexus launches new solution for access cards as a service

Identity and security company Nexus Group launches a new solution that makes it much easier and less time consuming to get started with access cards as a service. “We have digitalized the onboarding process of our existing service, which is very good news for both end customers and resellers,” says Gustaf Broman, product manager at Nexus.

Many organizations want to get access and photo ID cards as a service, since they want to focus on their core business.

“They lack qualified staff to manage the production of cards on premise, and they do not want to spend money on equipment and maintenance. Getting cards as a service from us means that we take care of everything: the customer just makes a few clicks in the easy-to-use ordering portal, and then they get the ready-to-use cards delivered,” says Broman.

The Nexus service has a proven business case, guarantees a continuous, high quality, and offers unlimited flexibility in its capacity.

Big improvement for resellers

“The service is very popular, but there are a lot of different types of card technologies, access control systems, and visible security features on cards, which makes it a complex task to understand what types of cards and configurations a customer needs,” says Broman.

The new onboarding process makes it much easier and less time consuming to set up the personalized online catalog with pre-configured cards.

“Our new digital step-by-step process guides resellers and customers to the right cards for their access control environments. This makes it feasible for our resellers to offer cards as a service on a large scale,” says Broman.

Upgraded web shop as complement

Since the onboarding process is digitalized and has moved into the online portal Nexus GO, the card service changed names from Nexus Online Services to Nexus GO Cards as a Service.

“We are also upgrading our web shop, changing its name and moving the registration process into Nexus GO. In Nexus GO Web Shop you can order everything you need to make your access and photo ID cards on premise. Some prefer to make some or all of their cards themselves, since they depend on immediate card distribution,” says Broman.

Nexus is delivering web shop products and ready-to-use cards to addresses throughout Europe.