Hubject selected Nexus' IoT PKI

Nexus launches ISO 15118-20 compliant Plug & Charge PKI service

To promote the adoption of Electric Vehicles (EV) manufacturers must provide users with the flexibility of charging their vehicles at various public and private charging points. To provide a secure and user-friendly experience, EV Charging Point Operators (CPO) should be able to correctly identify the plugged-in vehicles with ease. The CPOs must also be able to validate if the vehicles are authorized to use their services (verify eContracts).

The ISO 15118 standard outlines the requirements for the Plug & Charge protocol for this vehicle-to-grid (V2G) communication. Secure identification within this ecosystem allows for seamless exchange of information that addresses use-cases such as the charging profile, tariff, and digitally signed invoices. It eliminates the need for manual interaction for the purposes of identification or payments.

To prevent the risk of fraud, the standard prescribes using PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) to enable secure communication (authenticated and encrypted) and ensure secure use of eContracts.

Nexus is the first vendor with an operational Plug & Charge PKI that includes the only productive Root CA (Certificate Authority). Nexus IoT for V2G forms the underlying platform that supports Plug & Charge services offered by Hubject, a market pioneer in the segment.

In its latest release - ISO-15118-20, the ISO standard adds several new features, such as support for multiple Root CAs, upgraded security levels of crypto algorithms, promotes crypto agility, and bidirectional charging.

The Nexus Smart ID platform is a high-security, high-performing, multi-CA PKI solution for Plug & Charge. It adheres to the specifications within ISO 15118-2, ISO 15118-20, and ETSI 319 411-1 (Normalized Certificate Policy).

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The same platform can be extended to secure V2X (vehicle-to-everything), provision Vehicle IDs, and to manage trusted identities for workforce and workplace devices. Also available as-a-service, the offering supports all relevant certificate management protocols, including ACME, EST, SCEP, etc. that guarantees support for all IoT devices.




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