Nexus goes back to school

Nexus takes pride in playing an active part in all the societies in which we operate. We want to contribute our knowledge to help public sector take advantage of the opportunities created by the digital revolution, without sacrificing integrity or security.

On the back of this it made sense for us to take part in the large Swedish public collaboration project called Skolfederation. It is a project that aims to create a unified and effective login for all schools who want to access digital services.

neXus, playing an active role in the project from start, have focused on providing solutions that manages all aspects on how to benefit on Skolfederation: Multiple easy to use login methods and access/Single Sign-On based on federation using SAML 2.0. The solution makes it possible for municipalities to get secure access to digital services using Skolfederation from any device, tablet, mobile or PC and to keep full control on access levels.

The project has also highlighted the benefit of Nexus cross-competence in physical and digital access, as we have created opportunities for municipalities to use smart cards for secure access. This means that they can use the same card for accessing Skolfederation as you use for entering the building and for print-on-demand.

As we all know, we live in an exciting time when schools are becoming more digital. But to take advantage of all the opportunities that this offer we need secure and easily administered access solutions. Skolfederation is an answer to that. It offers a secure access that is also easy to manage.

And it can work on a larger scale, which is a key factor if it is going to be enjoyed in the years to come. Because it means it will simplify the processes of digital services procurement nationwide. And it means it will be possible for the sector to introduce digital services to all schools much quicker.

Skolfederation will stimulate innovation and development of new digital services that enhance education for the next generation. That is a very exciting development. And it is very rewarding for us to be a contributor. If you are interested in how this could be applied to your market, please let us know and we will happily share our experiences and expertise.