What are smart cards?

A PKI card or a smar card, can be used for Windows login, access to digital resources, authenticated emails, and digital signing. When using Nexus service for your PKI cards you don´t have to train personnel or set up a public key infrastructure (PKI) or on-site printers, we will provide that for you!

By using PKI chip cards with certificates, users can log in to computers without a password, sign documents digitally and access local and cloud resources. 

If you order cards as a service from Nexus GO, you get customized and personalized PKI cards, encoded and ready to use, with the right security level for your organization. Then, Nexus provides and maintains the PKI infrastructure.

You can easily manage PKI Card lifecycle and temporary PKI cards within the service.

What is included

Combine the following components to suit your organizations special requirements:

Visual identity – Get your cards customized with a company logo and color scheme and personalized with a photo and personal data. 

PKI chip – Use certificates for two-factor authentication, passwordless login to Windows, digital signing and encryption.

RFID technology – Choose one or combine two of the most common RFID (Radio-frequency identification) technologies on high-quality cards with the original RFID chip. 

Visual security elements – Add security elements to ensure that your photo ID cards are hard to forge. 

How to get started

To get started, contact the Nexus Customer Success team.We will handle your company onboarding.

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