Nexus GO nominated for the Detektor International Award 2017

Identity and security company Nexus Group’s online portal Nexus GO is nominated for the security trade publication Detektor International’s award. “Nexus GO is a cutting-edge platform that makes advanced security solutions available as easy-to-use cloud services. It’s great that it gets the recognition it deserves,” says Gustaf Broman, product manager for Nexus GO.

Nexus GO was launched in February 2017, and new cloud services are continuously launched in the portal.

“We will make most of our technologies available on demand in Nexus GO. This will make it incredibly easy, fast and cost-efficient to deploy our solutions for user authentication, electronic signing, identity management, IoT (the internet of things) security and physical access,” says Broman.

The Detektor International Award intends to reward and encourage research and development within the security technology field. The prize is a confirmation and a recognition of products that stand up to the criteria of outstanding innovations and contributions to the advancement of the security industry, according to Detektor International.

“Our customers and partners have praised Nexus GO ever since it was launched, and that is what is most important to us. But it is of course really great that an international security trade publication also hails it – not least since it helps spread the word,” says Broman.

The winner will be announced on November 21 at the International Stockholm Fair in conjunction with the SECTECH exhibition in Stockholm, Sweden.