What is a Mobile Visual ID?

The Mobile visual ID acts as a visual duplicate of your physical card. The visual representation of the card is hosted in a wallet-like app on your smartphone and the view of the card is protected by a PIN or by biometrics.

The card can be used to visually identify yourself, to show that you have the right certificates to perform specific work, display a QR-code, or show that you have a valid membership. 

How does it work?

Ordering your corresponding Mobile visual ID for your physical access card or your corporate photo ID card is quick and easy. Simply register and place your order in the online portal.

A Mobile Visual ID can be added to both the Standard- and the Premium Card packages!

Use cases

  • Complementary visual ID for physical ID cards
  • Display educational certificates
  • Store authorization levels
  • Virtual version of a student card
  • Virtual version of a membership card 



How to get started

To get started, contact the Nexus Customer Success team.They will handle your company onboarding. In addition, they will help with additonal customization and design requirements to meet the needs of your organization.

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