Nexus GO Cards expands production site to France

Nexus GO Cards is the most secure and complete solution for card management including ordering and production. The online service provides full lifecycle management, secure on and off-boarding of users, an automated ordering process, and the production of ready-to-use cards.

Our team produces high-quality and secure products via our personalization centers located in Sweden, Germany, USA, India and the Czech Republic. We are pleased to announce the opening of the latest GO Cards production site in Douai, France to continue ensuring global production with short distribution times.

Together with IN Groupe, we hope to better support customers within France while providing the same high-quality and highly secure cards delivered from our other production sites. Whether personalized, encoded and ready to use, or standard non-programmed cards, GO Cards enables organizations to issue identification cards without the hassle of complex, locally installed software & hardware systems.

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GO Cards - Cards as a Service - enables organizations to issue identification cards without the hassle of complex, locally-installed software & hardware systems. Nexus' online service produces and delivers high-quality, high-volume assets every day.

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