Nexus in funkschau Magazine: Central Entitlement Management

On May 30, funkschau has published an article written by Ingo Kauffmann at neXus on the topic of central entitlement management. We are quite glad to see that this topic is attracting media attention, as protecting digital and phyiscal assets should be at the core of every company’s security strategy.

Imagine you are responsible for the security of a company with several office locations or production sites. Each site has it’s own access control system (KABA, Interflex or similar), and you need to keep an overview of who has access to which buildings and rooms as precisely what time. Additionally, you need to be aware who can access which servers and files at any given time. This could be an unmanageable task!

Here’s where a metasystem is of huge advantage. A superordinated system collects the data from the different access control systems and presents it to you in one single and intuitive user interface. With such an entitlement management system, you are able to see all entitlements of every person in the company at one glance, and you’re able to issue and withdraw them flexibly, also based on roles (e.g. department) or attributes (e.g. time profiles). When an employee loses his access card, you can easily provide him with a replacement or temporary card, while blocking the lost one.

Read the press article on (German) for more details and use cases.