Nexus fortifies presence in Europe with Bojan Stojadinovic

Nexus, part of the French IN Groupe, is geared up for an exciting expansion into the thriving European market, led by Bojan Stojadinovic. Stojadinovic’s impressive 27-year career journey encompasses executive sales, business development, project management, and cybersecurity expertise with a strong focus on the East and South European region.

Recognized as a catalyst for growth, Bojan is known for his consistent track record of driving organizational success. His deep insights into the regional business landscape will fuel collaborations with local partners and system integrators, crafting a resilient network. This network will play a pivotal role in championing the adoption, sale, and support of Nexus’ innovative identity solutions across the region.

Stojadinovic's primary mission is to establish Nexus as the definitive leader in the identity segment within the region. Anchored in a customer-centric philosophy, his presence ensures that Nexus’ identity solutions align seamlessly with regional needs, becoming integral to the security strategies of local organizations.

"I'm honored to spearhead Nexus’ venture into the European market. Our goal is to stand as a reliable partner for governments and businesses seeking cutting-edge identity solutions. By harnessing our innovative products and nurturing strong relationships, we're poised to drive growth and success across the region," states Stojadinovic.

Bojan Stojadinovic's addition to Nexus underscores the company's commitment to growth, innovation, and unmatched customer service. As the East and South European Market Specialist, Bojan is poised to steer the journey, cementing Nexus’s position as a trusted, forward-looking provider of state-of-the-art identity solutions in the region.




Meet Bojan Stojadinovic

Bojan joins the Nexus team in Germany and will drive partner-led initiatives for East and South Europe. 

Nexus develops a range of security products and services that enable companies to issue and manage the lifecycle of trusted identities for people, devices, or smart things. Nexus is a part of IN Groupe, a global specialist in secure identity and digital services.



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