This is Nexus – and why our customers put their trust in us

Lars Pettersson, CEO of identity and security company Nexus Group, on what kind of firm Nexus is – and why a quickly increasing number of organizations put their trust in its products and employees.

Nexus’s reason to exist is to secure society by enabling trusted identities, and our three core values are: we care, we innovate and we are committed. We also truly believe that everybody in Nexus deserves autonomy, mastery and purpose, and that happy employees leads to happy customers. These things combined is a very important foundation for us and the guiding principles in everything we do, both as employees and as a company.

And what does it mean to secure society by enabling trusted identities? The very basis of all security, both physical and digital, is the creation, management, and use of trusted identities. If you don’t know who or what you’re talking to or dealing with, it doesn’t matter how well-encrypted your digital connection is or how guarded your physical facilities are.

So, the basis of security is the creation, management, and use of trusted identities. And we help you create and manage trusted identities, and we enable the use of trusted identities.

We have enabled trusted identities for people, software, and things since 1984, and today our technology is relied upon for over 100 million identities.

Nexus was created through a number of acquisitions, with the aim to craft a company prepared for the fusion of physical and digital security. This convergence is happening right now, and we are one of very few companies with half our business in what was physical security and half in what was digital security.

We are also moving security from an organizational blocker to an organizational enabler. Security doesn’t have to be boring, expensive and hindering – used the right way, it makes life easier and opens up new business opportunities.

With everything revolving around enabling trusted identities, we help organizations digitize their operations in a secure way by:
-Enabling e-commerce and online banking.
-Enabling e-services in the public sector.
-Managing physical and digital access.
-Provisioning access cards.
-Protecting communication between things.
-Securing access control.

These six offerings are made up of different combinations of our software, hardware and professional services:

  • Hardware – our own reader family and third party hardware:
    • Everything needed to produce access cards, either as a service or in-house.
    • RFID products and card accessories.
    • The Cidron reader family.
  • Software – in-house software development, delivered as a service or by license:
    • Identity management.
    • Certificate authority.
    • Authentication and signing.
    • Whitelisting.
  • Professional services – our own and our partners’ experts are available to assist with:
    • Implementation services.
    • Consulting.
    • Cloud services.
    • Personalization.
    • Service & support.

And who are we?

  • We are 300 employees, of whom 150 work directly with product development and 80 with supporting our customers.
  • We are privately held, with one main, Swedish owner.
  • I personally have over 25 years of CEO-experience in IT and IT related companies, and I have handpicked our management team to create a stable foundation for a company that is growing rapidly.
  • Our headquarters are in Stockholm, Sweden, and we have offices all around the Nordic countries and Germany. We also have offices in the US, the UK, France and India.
  • We are a product company, and some of our sales are direct. However, most of our sales are made through our global partner network and online, and since this type of business is easy to scale, we are growing rapidly.

And who are our customers?

We are trusted by a wide range of organizations, mostly within:

  • Banking, finance and law.
  • Industry.
  • The public sector.
  • Utility & telco.
  • Value added resellers & original equipment manufacturers.

This is what some of our customers say about us:

  • Jan Stenkvist, senior vendor manager at Swedish bank SBAB:

“We put on the market an internet bank where our customers could manage their savings and loans. Nexus was able to offer us the combination of a secure system and an easy login procedure, which is appreciated by our customers as well as by SBAB’s employees.”

  • Oncu Inan Yazicioglu, IP planning expert at mobile network operator Vodafone Turkey:

“The encryption part was very important for us and had to be managed by a proper supplier.”

  • Johnny Eriksson, product manager at security retailer Stanley Security, about why they have chosen to be our partner and sell our hardware products:

“It is important that the supplier is up to date regarding development and has highly competitive products, as well as good instincts regarding correct pricing.”

You can read the complete reference cases here.

At the moment, there are four major business trends driving our market:

  • Business digitization.
  • Accelerating threats.
  • Regulatory upheaval.
  • Disruptive technology.

This leads to a dynamics making it nearly impossible to predict what will happen in two years’ time. In this new world, where the landscape is evolving quicker than ever, one can no longer just buy a product and happily use it for several years, with the vendor making only small improvements to the product. One needs a trusted partner who can guide through the ever changing landscape, making sure the solutions one uses keep up with the new possibilities and challenges.

And I think Nexus is the ultimate partner when it comes to helping you digitize your operations in a secure way, because:

  • We have a holistic approach to security, which means we offer both digital and physical solutions. For example, if your users don’t have smart phones, we offer you eIDs on smart cards instead. This means you don’t have to deal with two different vendors, and we always help you choose the best solution for each use case. We also help you go seamlessly from physical to digital security, where this is appropriate, without you having to switch vendors.
  • We have just the right size: we are big enough to be able to give you all the support you need – and to not disappear tomorrow. And we are small enough to move quickly and act instantaneously on new possibilities and challenges arising.
  • We invest a lot in innovation and development, and 50 percent of our employees work directly with product development.
  • A wide range of organizations put their trust in us. Many have done so for many years, and new ones keep coming to us. We have a broad customer base, with everything from trust centers in Indonesia to telcos in Canada. Independent advising firms also recognize our capabilities.
  • We have a long history, and a very good track record.
  • We are born in Sweden, which is a perfect place if you want to be innovative and an early adopter. Here we have well educated people, excellent IT infrastructure and an acceptance for testing new things.
  • We are governed by our mission to secure society, and by our three core values: we care, we innovate, we are committed. These values guide everything we do at Nexus, and this is something that really sets us apart from our competition.


Lars Pettersson, CEO of Nexus Group