Combined security competence for eCar and Smart Home: Nexus cooperates with ITConcepts Automotive

The growing interconnectedness driven by the Internet of Things (IoT) holds great potential for innovation, but requires robust IT security strategies. Against this background, the importance of safe and trusted digital identities will continue to grow. In light of these new challenges, Nexus has entered into a new partnership with German IT consulting company ITConcepts Automotive. Together, the two companies plan to set new impulses, especially on trend topics like eCar and Smart Home, and to develop solutions in innovative areas like eMobility, Smart Home and the broader IoT context.

Digitization and the increasing interconnectedness are currently causing a great deal of movement in companies across all sectors. In the automotive industry, topics such as eMobility and the Connected Car are now at the top of manufacturers’ priority list. Another exciting area of innovation is the so-called Smart Home, which opens up many new opportunities for innovative products and services. However, the security of these innovative solutions will be a central prerequisite for their market success.

“One glance into the newspapers is enough to realize that there is still a lot of work to be done when it comes to securing the IoT. That is why the new partnership between Nexus and ITConcepts Automotive could not be more timely”, says Ralph Horner, Regional Director DACH at Nexus. Together, the two companies aim to provide holistic security solutions and professional consultancy services for the IoT. The focus of the cooperation will be on securing communication between smart devices, for example between eCar and charging stations. “Solutions by Nexus not only cover the entire life cycle of identities, but also the processes necessary for managing them. Nexus’ expertise in the areas of secure authentication and Whitelisting is particularly valuable to us as automotive experts, for example as we aim to secure access to devices, cars or robots and ensure their operation”, Gernot Joswig, authorised signatory with ITConcepts Automotive, explains.

Secure identities as backbone of the IoT
Reliable digital identities are the basis for security in the IoT. Nexus is a specialist for identity and access management and offers a wide range of solutions for various areas of application, which enable companies to quickly provide and effectively manage secure identities at scale. Moreover, Nexus has extensive expertise in the area of flexible and highly secure public-key-infrastructures (PKI). For example, Nexus solutions ensure secure and encrypted communication between devices in LTE-networks.Within a PKI, communication is protected by means of so-called certificates. In combination with a digital identity, these electronic certificates enable a unique identification of individual devices as well as secure communication between them. Nexus’ central platform solutions for the management of certificates provide an effective way to manage digital certificates over their entire life span. In partnership with ITConcepts Automotive, Nexus will now be able to apply its technological know-how to the fields of eMobility, Connected Car and Smart Home even more extensively.

About ITConcepts Automotive

In the area of IT Security, we focus on providing our customers with individual solutions that are based on international standards. The service spectrum ranges from risk and threat analyses of existing infrastructures and the introduction of information security management systems (ISMS) to the assessment and implementation of appropriate technical and organisational safety measures to reduce risk and increase information security levels. Moreover, we focus on IT security in industrial production, as modern production facilities have become increasingly interconnected. As a result, ITConcepts ensures the confidential handling of sensitive data and information, as well as the protection of information against unauthorised access, manipulation or misuse. In this way, ITConcepts ideally prepares companies and their projects for the digital world of tomorrow. With extensive know-how and experience, ITConcepts enables the authentication, authorization and relation of digital identities. In addition, our customers value the many years of experience and synergies within the entire group of companies. Within that group, ITConcepts Automotive, which has been independent since 2013, has become a specialist for IT consulting and implementation in the automotive industry. Our customers include both national and international manufacturers as well as automotive suppliers. As experts, consultants and pioneers for the digital transformation, ITConcepts provides a digital space of trust in which communication and connection can take place safely. For more information, see