Nexus CEO: Why we’re keeping quiet about our products

Identity and security company Nexus Group has launched a new website and graphic profile, with the firm’s products set to take a back seat. “As a provider of products we are naturally extremely proud of what we have to offer, but what interests our customers the most is how we can help them digitalise their operations,” explains Nexus CEO Lars Pettersson.

The new site will be focused on how Nexus technology enables cost-efficient and user-friendly e-commerce and online banking, secure access control, provision of logins and access cards, management of physical and digital access, e-services in the public sector and protection of communication between things.

“What our products are called and how they interact with one another are not important to our customers, which is why we need to shift the spotlight from our products to our six main offerings,” adds Pettersson.

According to Nexus CMO Carolen Ytander, the new Nexus site will be regularly updated with useful guides, analyses of trends, customer case studies, comments on current events, and editorial content within the field of identity and security.

“With Nexus operating at the cutting edge of technology, is the perfect place to get up to speed or keep up to date with the latest developments,” explains Carolen Ytander.

According to Jonas Dahlberg, head of product development at the company, Nexus has acquired a number of companies over the last few years in order to bolster its product portfolio, and the new site underlines the completion of this integration process.

“We’ve made it easy to be a customer or partner of Nexus. Our customers can purchase one of our offerings, receive help with implementation and enjoy coordinated support when they need it. We’re also committed to continuing to offer our partners unparalleled product support,” adds Dahlberg.

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