Nexus and Pulsen’s e-signature service certified by DIGG

DIGG has approved identity and security company Nexus Group and IT consulting company Pulsen’s e-signature service.“This is a mark of quality that only two other e-signature services have received. It means that both the public sectorand financial services companies can be sure that our service fulfills DIGG’s tough requirements onsecurity, confidentialityflexibility, and more,says Patrick Zangarohead of Nexus’ssoftware and services sales in Sweden.

The Swedish authority for digital administration (DIGG) and the Swedish Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency (Kammarkollegiet) work together to review whether e-signature services meet the normative specification for signature services established by the Swedish E-identification Board (now part of DIGG).

“There are a large number of requirements that must be met. To begin with, the e-signature service should be so-called remote, which means that it can be used with all types of eIDs, both Swedish and foreign. DIGG also tests that all functions and protocols are supported, that the service is operated safely, and so on,” says Daniel Ericsson, technical product owner of Nexus’s Federated Signing services.

Using Kammarkollegiet’s framework agreement

The certification means that Pulsen will deliver the Nexus e-signature service on  Kammarkollegiet’s framework agreement.

“We also expect that many organizations will get in touch with us directly, since there is huge confidence and interest in services that are approved and certified by DIGG. We have really looked forward to getting this mark of quality – it’s really a milestone for us,” says Zangaro.

Making it possible to sign several different formats

Reliable electronic signatures are necessary for digitization, and Nexus is therefore investing heavily in its e-signature service.

“We have built a new module that makes our signature service very flexible. The module is a complement to our PDF signing portal and is based on federation, which means that it’s easy to connect to different services and authentication methods. The new module also makes it possible to sign several different standard formats, such as PDF and XML,” says Ericsson.

Sensitive information doesn’t leave the domain

The new module contains a so-called support service, which means that sensitive information doesn’t have to leave the customer’s domain.

“This is very important for some organizations, because of legal requirements. It’s also very important for all public organizations that the signature service is remote, as eIDAS will force them to switch to such a signing service further down the road,” says Stefan Runneberger, expert on public IT infrastructure at Nexus.

Pulsen: Nexus listens to customers and partners

Pulsen clearly notices this in the market, according to Maria Karlsson, responsible for public procurement at Pulsen, and Käbi Hansson, sales representative at Pulsen.

“Therefore, it is very important for us that we can now meet these requirements with the help of Nexus’s signature service. One of the very best things about Nexus is that the company is very flexible and really listens to their customers and partners. We have direct contact with Nexus’s  developers and give them input, and we get all the support we need from the rest of the organization,” says Karlsson.


About Pulsen

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