Together, we redefine security 

Expanding ZeroTrust to the physical Workplace 

Together, Nexus and essentry provide a new level of compliance when it comes to enabling end-to-end, automated and high secure access management. essentry’s identity verification and visitor management technologies are seamlessly integrated with Nexus Workforce Identity management solutions. 

The joint solution enhances security by verifying the identity of external visitors, contractors and staff at border-control level and increases efficiency by fully automating the identity and access management. The seamless integration of processes improves the user experience for admins, guests, hosts and visitors alike. 

Together, Nexus and essentry create a comprehensive and secure identity verification system from which all our common customers benefit. 


essentry bometrics nexus
Identity verification 

Secure and easy identity verification of visitors

Seamless integration

Seamless integration with active directory, HRMS, and other systems

Comprehensive access management

Comprehensive management solution for role-based access to corporate premises

essentry nexus kiosk

Visitor Management with identity verification

essentry specializes in the digitalization of access processes. The core product is the verification of personal identities at border-control level and the automation of the access process. Using biometric technology and artificial intelligence, essentry is able to achieve the highest level of security for facilities, employees and guests. essentry integrates seamlessly into existing systems and IT landscapes and increases security to the highest possible level. Because it originated in the demanding data center industry, essentry is characterized by the stringent security requirements prevailing there and adheres to strict regulations regarding data protection, data security and compliance. In addition, essentry has integrated these standards into its products and offers them as a managed service, so that other organizations and industries may easily apply them.


Expertise within access management 

Manage secure physical access to buildings and sites. Make sure that only the right people get access to the right buildings and sites, by managing physical access in one central system with Smart ID Physical access management.

Physical and digital card and or credentials | Lifecycle management 


Nikolai Vitzthum,
Head of Operations at essentry

Our combined products effectively address the challenges of physical access for visitors, suppliers, and employees. By using the integrated solutions, organizations can harmonize their access systems and processes, resulting in increased efficiency and enhanced security.
Volker Kunz
VP Business Development
essentry’s Visitor Management System perfectly complements our Physical Access and Physical ID offerings. We are truly excited about this partnership and the positive impact it will have on our customers.

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