Nexus Acquires Whitelisting Specialist SE46

Stockholm, Sweden – Nexus, a leading international provider of security solutions and services, today announced that it is expanding its product portfolio by acquiring SE46 AB, a pioneer in software whitelisting. SE46’ well-proven whitelisting solution SE46 Software ID perfectly complements Nexus’ existing product portfolio and supports the company’s vision of becoming the leading provider of logical and physical access management. SE46 AB is an IT-Security software house that was founded by four IT-security professionals in 2003 in Sweden. Their solution SE46 Software ID is considered to be a world-leading product within whitelisting.

“We are currently entering an interconnected world that poses many new challenges to IT security. Managing secure access to data, devices and other resources in the Internet of Things will be increasingly important. With SE46 Software ID, we are able to expand our offering to meet those challenges with unique solutions,” says Peter Gille, CEO of Nexus.

SE46 Software ID is designed to protect IT environments from unauthorized content such as viruses and malware. The solution is based on a whitelisting principle whereby only whitelisted content is admitted to the protected zone. The product combines digital certificates with the hashing of program files to create so called Application Certificates or “AppCerts”. These certificates help identify and Authorization management allows users with corresponding rights to access particular systems and applications – and excludes non-authorized users, preventing security breaches.”>authenticate software and applications in IT environments. AppCerts are issued for all whitelisted applications and program files. Applications without a certificate are treated as unauthorized content and removed from or not admitted to the protected zone. The AppCerts are created according to the PKI standard (Public key infrastructure (PKI) is a commonly used technology for safeguarding computer and network access, and for protecting communications. PKI credentials consist of a pair of cryptographic keys and an electronic certificate that are employed to identify and authenticate the user.”>Public Key Infrastructure) using asymmetric encryption and hash functions. As a result, they are just as strong and secure as electronic ID cards. Moreover, they can be administered in a flexible, traceable and scalable way.

“Nexus is the perfect home for our SE46 Software ID product. Nexus solutions are designed to respond to the same security challenges using similar technology. In addition, Nexus is a very successful business with a strong customer base worldwide. I completely share the Nexus vision and I’m proud to be part of this pathbreaking venture,” says Fredrik Åhgren, co-founder and owner of SE46.

The company SE46 will be incorporated into the Nexus group with immediate effect. All SE46 customers will receive full support and benefit from Nexus services. In the future, Nexus will continue to develop SE46 Software ID as part of its product portfolio.