Ystad opts for Nexus’s comprehensive solution for multi-functional ID cards

Every student and teacher at Ystad Gymnasium will get issued a photo ID card that can be used for visual identification, opening doors, and later on also for things like payments, follow-me printing and book loans. “Nexus was able to present a practical and easy-to-use card solution that met all our needs. It is also possible to utilise the solution in other parts of the municipality, for example for PC login,” says Lars-Inge Persson, head of education in Ystad.

Ystad Municipality’s only municipal secondary school, Ystad Gymnasium, has 1,500 students and 250 employees.

“Given what is happening in the world, we have decided that we should give everybody at Ystad Gymnasium a photo ID card so that we have a way of knowing that the people we encounter in the hallway are accredited to be on our school premises. This has the highest priority for us, but we also wanted to be able to use the solution for all sorts of other things, such as managing students’ book loans and payments in the school cafeteria,” says Persson, head of education for secondary school and adult education in Ystad.

Identity and security company Nexus Group’s comprehensive solution for multi-functional ID cards – which consists of identity and access management software Nexus PRIME, a photo station, card printer, cards, and consultancy – provides Ystad Municipality with a system that both meets the current and future requirements.

“To begin with, Ystad Gymnasium will pilot the solution, but it will then probably be expanded as a municipal wide system. There is a lot of interest from other parts of the municipality, including using the solution for PC login,” says Mats Björklund, IT coordinator at Ystad Gymnasium.

Nexus PRIME’s lifecycle management makes it easy to create new cards with associated credentials, to change credentials, and to delete credentials.

“This is really important for us. When someone is no longer a student or employee at the school, the person’s credentials should be revoked. And it is a great advantage that it is so easy to change entitlements in externally integrated systems, for example, to give an injured student the opportunity to ride the elevator for three weeks through their convalescence – today we have a manual routine where we are giving out special elevator tags that we then have to make sure get returned,” says Björklund.

Patrick Zangaro, sales manager for the public sector at Nexus, sees Ystad’s decision as yet another proof of the fact that Nexus’s ability to offer comprehensive solutions that include both the physical and digital world is rapidly becoming more important.

“The physical and digital worlds are about to merge, and we are one of very few suppliers who have deep competence in both. None of our competitors can offer Ystad a solution where they could also turn on PC login, based on the public key infrastructure (PKI) security method,” says Zangaro.



Published 23/2 2017

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