Nexus makes its high-end IAM software platform PRIME available for smaller organizations

Identity and security company Nexus group’s identity and access management (IAM) software platform Nexus PRIME has for many years been popular with big organizations wanting to take control over their internal and external users’ physical and digital access credentials. “Now we are excited to announce that we have created packages tailor-made for smaller organizations. This will, among other things, help them comply with the EUs GDPR,” says Michael Leuchtner, product owner of PRIME.

2017-04-25 PRESS RELEASE PRIME is a comprehensive IAM platform that makes it possible to tailor-make very advanced solutions for enforcing uniform policies in the management of identities, credentials and entitlements.

“This is great for large and complex organizations, since it means that they get a solution that fits their needs perfectly. We can respect and implement very specific workflows for enrolment, approval, policy enforcement and data provisioning. For example, an armed forces organization can choose to make it mandatory for an examiner to sign a digital document or upload an examination certificate before an ID card can be issued to a soldier,” says Leuchtner.

But small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) rarely need the whole platform, and the cost of doing customizations is often bigger than their budget. To make PRIME available to the SME market, Nexus has therefore taken the best practice configurations from several hundred implementations and created standard packages, specifically suited for different needs.

“A university can for example choose a best practice package allowing them to create and manage ID cards for their students and staff, that can be used for visual identification, door opening, payments, follow-me printing and book loans,” says Leuchtner.

Another example of a best practice package is the one that lets local government agencies issue and manage smart cards for its employees for computer login.

“With the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) soon entering into application, we see a huge increase in demand for IAM solutions that give you control, traceability and auditability,” says Leuchtner.

It is easy to expand and adopt the best practice standard packages, which makes the solution future proof.

“A municipality might want to start off by synchronizing their physical access systems and issuing easy-to-manage physical access cards for their students and staff. Later on they might want to use the same system to issue and manage smart cards to their employees within health care for computer login or access to web systems. It is tremendously valuable to have centralized and correct information on who is in possession of which physical or digital access credentials and entitlements at any time,” says Leuchtner.

In addition to the software, Nexus can provide everything needed to produce smart cards, such as photo stations, card printers, cards and lanyards.

Published 24/4 2017

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