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Nexus and Verimi enter partnership in secure digital identities

The new European identity platform Verimi and the identity and security company Nexus Group enter a strategic partnership around digital identities and strong authentication. The joint solution combines Verimi identities and strong data protection with flexible multi-factor authentication and signing services from Nexus.

“We are delighted to enter a strategic partnership with Nexus, since we share the same values with regard to digital identities and data privacy. We believe in a synchronized and joint market approach. Verimi and Nexus provide a complementary market offering, which will create a broader reach within the European market as well as increase the user acceptance for ID solutions,” says Dirk Woywod, CTO at Verimi.

Strengthen security and data protection with digital identities

Together, Verimi and Nexus act as a driving force for digital identities and strong authentication in Europe by combining the identity platform from Verimi with flexible multi-factor authentication and signing services from Nexus.

“Verimi and Nexus combine strong security and solid experience in a joint offering. Verimi helps end users, businesses and public authorities establish one unique and trusted identity while Nexus offers various services based on digital identities,” says Dirk Woywod.

High security and data protection standards let users stay in charge of their data, how it is used and by whom.

“Verimi is building an open trusted network in Europe where identities and authentications can be exchanged based on common standards for privacy and security and where users have full transparency and control over their digital identities,” says Dirk Woywod.

Combine identities with security services for flexible use cases

Thanks to Nexus already providing trusted enterprise identities to many customers in Germany and throughout Europe, the joint solution allows more convenient ways to perform secure transactions.

“The collaboration between Nexus and Verimi will benefit customers and partners, since Nexus’s technology acts as an identity hub for many identities, such as eIDAS-compliant identities and Verimi IDs. This identity hub helps giving customers a higher degree of trust in the identities used to digitize processes, such as customer onboarding, strong authentication to services, and signatures,” says Magnus Malmström, CEO at Nexus Group.

For Nexus, the partnership with Verimi brings new opportunities to add value for customers, not the least of which is to ensure compliancy with GDPR and other data protection regulations.

“We are looking forward to providing additional value to our customers on top of their investment in the enterprise Smart ID platform, so that they can anchor the trusted relationship with their users in Verimi IDs, thereby helping end users stay in control of their data and privacy,” says Magnus Malmström.

Photo: Verimi

Published 1/11 2018

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