New tool for smooth migration to Nexus’s certificate authority (CA) software

Identity and security company Nexus Group launches an improved tool, allowing for smooth migration to its certificate authority (CA) software Nexus Certificate Manager. “Lots of organizations have to change from their current CA softwares since their vendors have discontinued their products, such as RSA Digital Certificate Solutions,” says Martin Furuhed, product manager of Certificate Manager.

Certificate Manager is a flexible, multi-tenant public key infrastructure (PKI) platform, used to issue and manage digital certificates for people and things.

“Our software is both time-tested and future-proof – it has had great success ever since its launch in 1996, and we continually refine it to meet new customer needs and to support new standards,” says Furuhed.

Certificate Manager is highly scalable, which means that it is equally well suited for a small organization with an internal enterprise identity deployment as it is for a service provider with hundreds of hosted CAs – it can efficiently issue and manage millions of certificates.

“We have now made major improvements to the migration tool. You only have to follow seven easy, well-documented steps in Certificate Manager to migrate from your current CA software. I think this is very happy news for those organizations that feel stranded after RSA Digital Certificate Solutions have been discontinued,” says Furuhed.

The new migration tool is also well suited for organizations that want to migrate to a more competent CA solution than Microsoft’s Active Directory Certificate Services (AD CS), and those who want to consolidate several different CA solutions.