New Service Station lets you minimize card administration costs

Identity and security company Nexus Group launches the Nexus Service Station. “It lets your users administer a range of tasks required during the lifecycle of their access cards, such as ordering new cards, entering user data and taking photos. This means that your card administration costs can be dramatically reduced,” says Anders Wallbom, product owner of the Nexus Service Station.

Nexus Service Station is preferably installed in a public area to which most users have access, such as the reception or the lunch room. The user identifies him or herself at the station with their username and password, their domain login credentials, or their smart card.

“Letting your employees, students or contractors administer their own access cards with the Service Station doesn’t only reduce your costs – it also makes life much easier for your users,” says Wallbom.

Intuitive and easy-to-understand workflows

The Service Station has an intuitive user interface and easy-to-understand workflows for administering different tasks.

“There are several ready-to-use workflows for specific needs, such the SITHS (Swedish health care card) workflow, where you use your existing card for authentication when you order a new card. The workflows and the general look and feel of the user interface are fully customizable, according to customer needs,” says Wallbom.

Easy to integrate with IAM systems

The Service Station can be used as a stand-alone self-service kiosk, or integrated with identity and access management (IAM) systems from other vendors, using the Nexus IDC PACS entitlement system.

“The Service Station is also part of the Nexus Smart ID solution, which let your users identify themselves visually, log in, open doors, sign, make payments and use follow-me printing – with one single Smart ID,” says Wallbom.

For more information, please visit Nexus Documentation or contact us.